To keep the customer and attract new one are the main tasks of the retailer in conditions of high competition. We help our retail partners reach this goal with these tools:

  • release of the Private Label with popular characters or celebrity;
  • promo with popular characters or celebrity;


Private Label always competes in its category with popular brands that have been known and loved by customers for a long time. Private Label can win this competition when it uses the popularity of famous characters or celebrities. The love of their fans is transferred to your trademark, which helps it to become a leader in its category.

Possible options Private Label:

1. Integration of a star or character in packaging design.

2. Creating a new unique line "by the star" or with a character.

Creating Private Label with a popular character or celebrity allows you to:

  • increase margins;
  • ensure the growth of turnover and profits;
  • expand the audience through the attraction of the celebrity or character;
  • increase customer loyalty.

 Examples of implemented Private Labels with popular characters:

  • for the Watsons network: gift sets with GAPCHINSKA brand, goods with Goose brand, goods with Kozaky brand;
  • for the network “Epicenter”: textiles with Prima Maria brand, home goods with GAPCHINSKA brand;
  • for the network Anabel Arto: home wear with GAPCHINSKA brand.



To create effective communication with customers, we suggest retailers launch promotional campaigns with popular characters or celebrities. For example, promo with Olya Polyakova or Oleg Vynnyk or Evgen Klopotenko will help you to attract the attention of millions of fans.

Possible promotions with celebrities or characters:

  • integration of celebrity or character image in advertising design, video, radio advertising;
  • branding the shop in the style of celebrity or character;
  • creation of thematic photo zone;
  • promotional event with a star or in the character's theme.

 The advantages of this promo:

  • attracting new customers through engaging fans of a character or celebrity;
  • creating a loyal audience;
  • increasing network awareness;
  • growth of traffic and sales.




















Additional benefits of promo with celebrity:

  •  the appearance in social media of celebrity increases the coverage of an advertising campaign;
  •  native mention in the media helps to develop the image of the network.

We have seen the effectiveness of such a promo on the example of implemented campaigns:

  • autograph session with Olya Polyakova and the Intuicia brand in the Rozetka showroom;
  • advertising campaign “Fantastic Animals Prima Maria” in the Gulliver Mall;
  • the promotion “Happiness is near” with the brand GAPCHINSKA in the shopping center Gulliver.


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