We are working to expand the audience of your services and increase your profits. Our goal is to make the target audience hear you through the information noise and choose your company. To achieve this goal we offer:

1. Promotional campaigns with the celebrity: Olya Polyakova, Oleg Vynnyk and Evgen Klopotenko.

2. Promotional campaigns with popular children characters: L.O.L. Surprise!, Little Tikes, Na!Na!Na! Surprise, POOPSIE SLIME SURPRISE, 44 Cats, Lady Bug.

3. Promotional campaigns with popular lifestyle characters: GAPCHINSKA, Goose, Prima Maria and Pets Rock.

4. Promotional campaigns with retro characters: Kozaky, Captain Vrungel, Treasure Island.


Imagine that millions of new clients can find out about your company. It's possible when you are promoted by popular artists of Ukraine.

For example, Olya Polyakova, Oleg Vynnyk or Evgen Klopotenko.  We offer collaboration with these stars.

Collaboration options with a star:      

1. Integration of a star or its identity in your advertising;

2. Shooting a commercial with a star or recording radio advertising;

3. Mention of your company or services in social media of a star;

4. Influence marketing - recommendations from the star.

5. Product placement in the video.

Benefits of a promo with a star:

  • attract new customers;
  • provide sales growth;
  • strengthen your brand;
  • increase audience loyalty.


Favorite characters from cartoons and movies, Internet memes, characters from famous paintings — millions know them, love them, trust them. That's why advertising campaigns with these characters are more effective and allow you to reach the target audience quickly.


  • Possible promo options with characters:
  • using the character in the design of advertising, video, radio advertising;
  • branding customer service centers in the character's style;
  • creating corporate merchandise;
  • the organization of promotional events.                                              

We have seen the effectiveness of such promo on the example of Goose and Visa collaboration. The integration of a famous character in advertising increases the financial literacy of its clients.

The advantages of this promo:

  • increasing audience loyalty;
  • attraction of new clients;
  • sales growth.

Choose a character or celebrity on our website and we will offer you options for cooperation!


If you have any questions, please contact us.