We help to create a blockbuster product for your client. Our goal is to strengthen the position of your client in the market, to create a competitive advantage for him. We work with manufacturers, retailers, HoReCa, service providers.

We offer:

  • promo with popular characters and celebrities;
  • a blockbuster product with popular characters or celebrities, it can be both a product and a service.

We provide services based on brand licensing, also known as "brand rental". This is a transfer of rights for using images of famous characters or celebrities in the design, advertising of goods or services.


Your advertising campaign will be much more effective if you integrate into it:

  • popular characters: GAPCHINSKA, Goose, Prima Maria, Pets Rock, L.O.L. Surprise!, Little Tikes, Na!Na!Na! Surprise, POOPSIE SLIME SURPRISE, 44 Cats, Lady Bug.
  • celebrity: Olya Polyakova, Oleg Vynnyk and Evgen Klopotenko.

Promo allows you to:

  1. boost sales quickly
  2. create an effective creative concept based on the philosophy of the character or celebrity
  3. attract new customers
  4. rejuvenate and strengthen your customer's brand
  5. provide additional profit
  6. increase brand awareness among competitors

What you can get by ordering a promo with the celebrity:

  1. commercial with a star
  2. radio clip
  3. photographing 
  4. manifestation in social media of the celebrity
  5. sponsorship at the concerts
  6. product placement

We have seen the effectiveness of the collaboration with the celebrity on the example of such promotional campaigns:

  • Ice cream “Lasunka” and Olya Polyakova.
  • Retail-chain "ATB-market" and Olya Polyakova.


We create blockbuster products that are bound to succeed.

What blockbuster products can be:

  • design of the product with the integration of celebrity in the packaging
  • product packaging design with popular character

Knowledge and loyalty to a popular character or celebrity are transferred to your client's product and allows you to:

  • conquer the market with minimal investment
  • increase sales
  • receive audience loyalty

Examples of blockbuster products with characters:

  • candy “GAPCHINSKA Lubimov"
  • gift sets “GAPCHINSKA Watsons”

Collaboration with celebrity
Your customer's product may be desirable for a million new customers. It is possible when a celebrity becomes his ambasador. For example, Olya Polyakova or Oleg Vynnyk. Our agency offers collaboration with the most popular artists in Ukraine. An example of a collaboration between a celebrity and a manufacturer you can see in our portfolio: the release of Intuicia tights with the Olya Polyakova brand.

What you can get by creating a blockbuster product with a celebrity:

1. New packaging design with a celebrity;
2. The appearance in the celebrity's social media;
3. Sponsorship at the concerts;
4. Product placement.

If you want to create a blockbuster for your client and change his product category - discuss the offer with us!

If you have any questions, please contact us.