Watsons & Gapchinska

Watsons & Gapchinska - 5 years together

The project was implemented with the leading drogerie network Watsons, which has more than 400 stores in 100 cities of Ukraine.
Together with Watsons, we have created a line of cosmetic gift sets with the brand GAPCHINSKA. Every year for 5 years there is a new collection of gifts, which are very popular.

Client: WATSONS chain stores


  • to add value to WATSONS cosmetic products;
  • to add an emotional component to the Private Label WATSONS Lucky Day gift sets, increase their sales, in particular, to compete with A-brands;
  • to make selling designs and provide themed seasonal deals;
  • to stand out among other networks with a unique assortment;
  • to enhance the emotional response to the goods.


гели для душа Gapchinska          Гель-пена Gapchinska          Наборы Gapchinska          

Our solutions:

  • to use lifestyle brand GAPCHINSKA in the design and communication of Private Label WATSONS Lucky Day gift sets;
  • to use the brand GAPCHINSKA to enhance the emotional response to impulse buying goods.

Наборы Gapchinska Alice          Набор подарочный Gapchinska          Набор Gapchinska Love


  • Watsons GAPCHINSKA sets (shower gels, shampoos, napkins) became commercially successful and showed sales above the set plan, competing with A-brands;
  • additionally, there was a line of travel-side cosmetic products and cards with the design of the brand GAPCHINSKA;
  • more than 200 SKU products were released, the color range, characters, patterns, and objects were selected for the aroma and properties of each product;
  • a charity project “Angels of Watsons” in 2015-2017, in which customers could buy magnets with GAPCHINSKA angels, with the raised money, there were purchased the occluders for children with a sick heart.

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