In the era of the economy of impressions, we help our partners to create commercially successful blockbuster products that cause wow-effect. That's how we see the way to increase sales.

Art Nation Agency continues the activities of the UDC Agency, which since 2011 has been the leader in licensing brands in the market. For 8 years we have expanded our expertise and now we provide comprehensive marketing solutions that help our partners strengthen their leadership positions in a competitive environment. We provide services based on brand licensing, also known as "brand rental". This is a transfer of rights to use images of famous characters or celebrities in the design, advertising of goods or services.


  • In 2014, together with Malbi Foods, we created the packaging of chocolates "GAPCHINSKA Lubimov" that quickly changed the product category. The product for the first year after launch formed a loyal audience of consumers who collect packaging and wait for the new ones from year to year. In 2017, we created the first AR-packaging for sweets “GAPCHINSKA Lubimov” and launched a large promotional campaign “Share the happiness”. As a result, the project was nominated for the Marketing Innovation Best Practices. For 5 years till now we have been updating the packaging design twice a year, taking into account trends, the situation of consumption and the portrait of the target audience.
  • In 2018, we created an AR-packaging of Smile GAPCHINSKA napkins for the Biosphere Corporation. There were sold 3 million packs. As a result, we received the award “Breakthrough of the Year” from the Community of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs.
  • In 2017, our team developed the AR-books Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass with illustrations by Evgenia Gapchinska. As a result, Alice’s adventures in augmented reality reached record sales — 1,212,050 books.
  • In 2018, the brand “Goose” became the main hero of the Kyiv Metro promotion campaign. As a part of the campaign, Goose talked about the rules of the subway from posters and subway screens. Passengers actively discussed the campaign on social media. In 2019, the project won in the special category MMR:Co-Creativity of the Year X-Ray Marketing Awards for the most ambitious and bold collaboration between the brand Goose and the Kyiv Metro.



Now Art Nation Agency manages the licensing rights of its brands, and also represents internationally popular brands in Ukraine.

The company's portfolio includes such brands:

  • art and lifestyle: GAPCHINSKA, Prima Maria, Goose, Pets Rock
  • retro: Kozaky, Captain Vrungel, Treasure Island
  • celebrities: Olya Polyakova, Oleg Vynnyk, Evgen Klopotenko
  • children: L.O.L. Surprise!, Little Tikes, Na!Na!Na! Surprise, POOPSIE SLIME SURPRISE, 44 Cats, Lady Bug.

Art Nation Agency is a division of the Art Nation company. General producer - Eduardo Akhramovych.




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