New Product Line With Goose launches in Watsons

New Product Line With Goose launches in Watsons

The character from the Internet, the popular meme Goose, again goes into offline communication. This time - in the network of shops Watsons. The company in collaboration with Goose prepared a line of products in an updated design. In the range this summer will be presented:

  • cosmetic wipes;
  • pocket wet wipes;
  • patches.

Each of these products will be presented in three versions of the design with the image of a popular character. Goose will still joke and cheer his fans.

The release of the line of products in the updated design is a new stage in the partnership of Goose with Watsons. The first sales of products created in the collaboration began on the network in October 2018. The initiator of the transaction was the company Art Nation Agency, which manages the license rights of the brand Goose. 

Cosmetic wipes went in the sale first. The customer appreciated them and Watsons released new products: table napkins “for rebels and winners”, toilet paper, “royal” paper towels and pocket paper handkerchiefs. For the year of successful work, Watsons decided to expand the range and restart the line in a new design. In addition, the retailer is developing gift sets with Goose. Already in September of this year they will be on sale on the shelves of Watsons stores. Now it has 429 stores in more than 100 cities of Ukraine, where almost 3 million customers are served monthly.

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