Art Nation united four companies into one group

Art Nation united four companies into one group

In April 2019 new names appeared in the marketing and creative market: Art Nation Agency, Art Nation Loyalty, Art Nation Studio. Together with the new player in the book industry, Art Nation Publishing, they became a part of the Art Nation group that produces content and after the restructuring, expands its scope.

Now Art Nation is the international group of companies that specializes in effective marketing solutions and stays a leader in brand licensing, animation production, AR-content, and loyalty campaigns. The general producer of the Art Nation group is Eduardo Akhramovych.

Each company in this group has its own history. Art Nation Agency and Art Nation Loyalty originated from the UDC Agency that was a leader in brand licensing in Ukraine since 2011. After rebranding, the UDC Agency became Art Nation Agency.

Now the company manages the licensing rights of its own developed brands:

  • art and lifestyle brands: GAPCHINSKA, Prima Maria, Goose, Mad girl;
  • retro brands: Cossacks, Captain Vrungel, Treasure Island;
  • celebrity brand: Olya Polyakova.

Art Nation Agency represents leading international brands such as emoji, Pets Rock, 44 Cats, Masha and the Bear, BEYBLADE BURST in Ukraine.



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