Olya Polyakova - a New Face of the Lasunka Ice Cream Advertising Campaign

Olya Polyakova - a New Face of the Lasunka Ice Cream Advertising Campaign

Olya Polyakova became the face of the Lasunka ice cream advertising campaign. The singer has signed a one-year contract with a leading ice cream producer in Ukraine.
Integrating celebrities in promo, Lasunka draws the attention of buyers to their product through the emotional connection of consumers with the image of Olya Polyakova.

According to a Gfk study, the singer has a high level of recognition - 96% of Ukrainians know Olya, and every second she likes. For Lasunka, collaboration with a star of this level is an opportunity to attract the attention of a wide audience in a period of high competition. In addition, the famous and expressive image of the star allows the brand to stand out among others.

Creativity has developed a team of production studio UTC FILM PRODUCTION. They shot a commercial with an adapted Olya's song "The first summer without him." As part of a wide advertising campaign, there will be videos on TV, radio, YouTube, and also outdoor advertising.

TheArt Nation Agency, the holder of the celebrity brand Olya Polyakova, advised a creative agency and helped create a promotional campaign.

Olya Polyakova is more than a superstar. This is a powerful lifestyle brand that can enhance product advertising and help increase sales. Millions of Ukrainians love her. Olya personifies positive energy, celebration and joy. Ice cream Lasunka reproduces with Olya the slogan of the product "Producer of happiness", - says Eduardo Akhramovich, the general producer of Art Nation Agency.





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