Art Nation Agency signed a contract with Oleg Vinnik

Art Nation Agency signed a contract with Oleg Vinnik

There is a new star lifestyle-brand in the portfolio of the Art Nation Agency - Oleg Vinnik. Now he is not only a singer and favorite of millions of fans, but also a brand that lives outside the stage and creativity.

Creating a brand based on the work of one of the most famous singers of Ukraine was a matter of time. Art Nation Agency has experience in this, so they answered the request of fans of the singer.

Art Nation Agency, as a representative of the brand, offers the following possible services: promotional campaigns with the star, product licensing, sponsorship, product placement.

"The image of the artist on the stage and his creation - are only part of the brand. We are developing its potential by 360 degrees. The request for promo and production of goods with star brands is very high, especially when it comes to Oleg Vinnik. Collaboration with a star of this scale gives a quick and effective communication with their audience. Therefore, we recommend not to pull, but to find out about the possibility of cooperation”, - adds general producer of Art Nation Agency Eduardo Akhramovich.

Today Oleg Vinnik is the most sought-after artist in Ukraine. Last year, the singer gave 150 solo concerts, gathering 200,000 fans in about 50 cities of Ukraine and the world. Only during 2018-2019, Oleg Vinnik managed to become a popular artist of Ukraine, according to Google Trends analysis, and the most beautiful man in Ukraine according to Viva magazine. 


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