Art Nation Agency and Inkerman present a new collection of fine wines Prima Maria Inkerman

Art Nation Agency and Inkerman present a new collection of fine wines Prima Maria Inkerman

April 20-21, Art Nation Agency and Inkerman will present a new collection of Prima Maria Inkerman wines. It will include: dry wines Chardonnay, Cabernet, Saperavi; semi-dry Riesling and semi-sweet Muscat, Bastardo.

The presentation will take place at the 12th festival of cheese and wine Kyiv Food and Wine Festival. The combination of cheese and wine is the main theme of the twelfth festival. The best cheese-makers and wine-makers of Ukraine will arrive in Kiev to treat guests with their new products and hits.

In addition to tasting fine wines, guests can also visit the art exhibition "Fantastic Animals Prima Maria" based on the works of the great artist Maria Primachenko. The exhibition will feature reproductions of paintings, the images of which were used for the labels of the Prima Maria Inkerman collection: “Wild Sheep”, “The Beast Walks”, “Young Levik”, “Miracle” and others.

Prima Maria is a bright, optimistic brand created on the basis of the works of Maria Primachenko, a brilliant and world-famous Ukrainian artist who worked in the style of naïve art. Behind its simplicity lies a fantastic world of unusual animals and plants, inspired by the power of their native land. Likewise, wine is born from a vine that takes its strength from the earth and the sun. Original taste and refined aroma of wines found their personification in vivid artistic images of a famous Ukrainian artist. Therefore, the Prima Maria Inkerman collection is ready to inspire everyone who seeks to touch the beautiful: art and wine. Fantastic animals of Maria Primachenko decorated the bottles of the collection, highlighting the brightness of flavors.

Prima Maria's slogan is the strength and energy of the earth. Grapes ripening on clusters absorb this energy. At the intersection of wine and cultural traditions, a new collection of Prima Maria Inkerman was created. Now, buying wine, the buyer contributes to the popularization of Ukrainian art. Product export could be another step for Prima Maria in the development of brand awareness in the world", - says the general producer of the brand Eduardo Akhramovich.



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